Darlina Mamaqi

“Living on campus allows you to experience the beauty of different cultures. I have made friends with students from all over the world. Outside the classroom, I found my passion for football, basketball, dance and art. It’s exciting to be part of a team, and to be responsible for something other than studies.”

Göksenin Cakir

“As a student of the Foundation Year Program I could gain invaluable insights into many different majors. The program allowed me to get to know my strengths and my weaknesses and to recognize my potential. I really value my teachers’ support in helping me improve my interpersonal skills and study habits.”

Emily Waller

“Coming to Jacobs University for the Foundation Year was the best decision I could have made after high school. Gaining insights into an institution like Jacobs University and taking courses from many disciplines has helped me to find myself and to figure out what I want to do with my life.”

Oleg Borisov

“Jacobs University is not too big, and that is the university’s great advantage: The classes are small, our instructors take care of each individual student and help us out if we struggle with the material. The student community is close-knit. You can always rely on your friends’ support, and it is impossible to feel bored or homesick.”