The mission of our Foundation Year Program is to give you the best possible preparation for your university studies and to help you find the study program that best matches your interests. Over two semesters, the program allows you to explore different majors through participation in a variety of undergraduate classes and to refine your academic skills. Depending on your background, you will be able to collect ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). The language of instruction is English.

Students who complete the program successfully will be offered a space in Jacobs University’s undergraduate programs.

A Personalized Academic Program—Design your path

With the support of an academic advisor, you design your own modular study plan that will help you set your own priorities and work towards your personal goals:

ORIENTATION: The program offers orientation possibilities in engineering and computer sciences, natural sciences and life sciences, social sciences as well as economics and management. The possibility to participate in our undergraduate courses from different academic fields, career orientation workshops and academic advising ensures that you can make an informed decision about what major to choose at the end of the year.

PREPARATION: As a Foundation Year student you can choose between a range of intensive preparatory classes that will allow you to improve your study skills, to boost your expertise in your discipline of choice or to fine-tune your academic English. Optional German classes are offered for those students interested in learning German.

QUALIFICATION: In the course of the program, all students can take the SAT on campus (standardized university admission test). Intensive SAT training allows you to get ready for the test. If needed, you can also take an English-language proficiency test as part of the program.

The Foundation Year Program seeks to supplement classroom learning with first-hand experiences that contribute to a holistic education. To balance the academic components of the program, we offer several excursions throughout the Bremen region and to two of Europe’s most attractive capital cities to help you become more familiar with your host country and continent. Furthermore, students may participate in the host family program to add to the German culture experience. Jacobs University’s location makes it an ideal place for you to explore Europe, its people, culture and history.