The mission of our Foundation Year Program is to give your student the best possible preparation for university studies. If you wonder what type of applicant is suited for the program, please have a look at the different types below:

# 1: Orientation: At the age of 17 or 18 students often don’t yet know what to study. In the Foundation Year, all program participants will have the chance to explore many majors and to make an informed decision what to study at the end of the year.

# 2: Preparation: Some students clearly have a lot of potential, but may need some extra training to fully develop it. Elective preparatory courses in Mathematics/Statistics, Natural Sciences, Technology, Academic English or General Academic Skills will give each program participant the possibility to develop skills in a chosen area.

# 3: Qualification: If your student would like to go abroad but did not have a chance to take the SAT so far, he/she can enter the program and complete the SAT as a part of it.

The curriculum is flexible and we are able to adapt it to each participant’s particular needs.

Students who complete the program successfully will be offered a space in Jacobs University’s undergraduate programs. Hence, by sending a student to the Foundation Year, you offer them a study perspective at one of Germany’s most highly regarded universities.